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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. The only one that does is Soraxess. This a rebuild of my original fan fiction of Soraxess's tale. In this rebuild its like a final mix to each Kh game. Well This explains the back-story on how Soraxess was came to be inside the world of desire to be more powerful than Sora and Roxas together, this will be my first time to ever write a story based off my own character.

Chapter 1: Soraxess is born part 1

Sora, the chosen wielder of the keyblade had save many worlds and is known as a hero through the worlds he has saved from the heartless and the nobodies. Without the help of his friends he would have been helpless.

But everything will change this time. A new threat will be appearing.

Destiny Islands:

Sora stood by the beach listing to the waves rush in. sora was deep in his thoughts thinking about something.

"Hey Sora." Riku called, walking behind sora.

Sora turned around and saw his friend. "Riku." Sora responded with a smile. Riku had to smile back.

"Sora, Kairi was wondering if you like to join me and her on a friendly outing."

Sora chuckled leaning back a bit. "Like you thought I'd say no?" he said with a big grin. "of course I'll join! what's the outing?"

Riku laughed a little. "I gotta remember that you are one who doesn't say no very often." placing his hand on his side.

They both laughed.

"If its anything with you and Kairi I'll go." Sora said.

"well since you asked sora." Kairi said walking up to him and Riku. "I was hoping you like to go to the islands and eat a nice meal on such a beautiful evening."

Sora couldn't refuse, nor didn't he had something to do anyway.

"Okay!" sora said. "Lets go!" he said and ran ahead. Riku and Kairi looked at each other before looking at sora, seeing that he was still his cheerful self even after the battles with the heartless and the organization which brought smiles on their faces.

"Hey sora wait up!" Riku said and ran to catch up with him. Kairi followed right behind him.


Sora, Kairi and Riku had everything all packed up and were ready to go to the islands.

Once the raft hit the water it was ready to sail off.

The three friends headed for the islands to have a nice outing.

When they arrived they tied the raft and walked on the ground. Riku walked looking at the woods. Sora walked right beside him.

Kairi was getting everything ready for their meal, it was a picnic friendly outing.

"Hmmm, now that were here what should we do first?" Sora asked. He looked at Riku.

Riku looked at sora. "Hmm, I don't know."

"Aww c'mon Riku we can try to test who's gotten better." sora suggested.

Riku turned at sora and smiled. "Alright."

Riku and sora both found two wooden sticks and it reminded them when they were little. "You ready?" Riku called out to sora.

Sora sort of in a dazed. But he woke up and nodded with a smirk.

They both ran towards each other slashing the wooden swords.

Then in the woods something was watching them. It was a very strange creature that was shrouded in complete darkness. Through its eye sight, It saw both Riku and sora fighting. It's strange eye sight was very strange and all it could see was red and hear a little distortion in the wooden clashes. The strange shadow creature began to crawl forward and out from the bushes to get to Kairi, but stopped and moved back a bit to see a wooden stick in its path. "Don't worry I was just warming up!" Sora said running towards the fallen stick to pick it up.

Sora was going to reach for the stick when he looked in the bushes. He sensed like something was lurking there but he might have been thinking to hard.

"Sora!" Riku called out. Sora looked up to see Riku waving he seem to be calling him that dinner was ready.

Sora looked down at the stick and took off some strange black ooze that seem to be darkness wrapped in thorns on the wooden stick. Sora dropped the stick and tried to get the black darkness ooze off.

"Sora!" Riku called again.

"Coming!" Sora hollered and ran towards his friends direction.


After the meal, sora was sound asleep.

Riku looked at sora glaring a bit. "what a lazy bone."

"Riku, come on." Kairi said.

"Okay, Kairi but I have to let sora know that were taking the stuff home first before we can all go back home." Riku said.


Sora opened his eyes feeling a raindrop hit his nose.

He sat up quickly. He looked around. "Riku?" he said hoping to see them but they were nowhere in sight. "Kairi?" he said. He then looked to the floor and saw a note.

He slowly unwrapped the note and looked at it to read it.

It said:

"Sora, me and Kairi will be back, sorry to leave without waking you up, but we had to leave in a hurry. But don't worry we'll be back with the raft to pick you up."


Sora looked up at the sky. It was very dark and gray.

"That's weird, why would they leave me here?" Sora asked himself. He felt another raindrop hit his head.

He got up and tried to look for a place to keep dry before it began to pour. While he placed the note in his pocket.

Soon the stormy rains started to fall and sora ran through the woods hoping to find a place to keep dry.

He was wet a little but still dry.

He then saw a cave and walked inside.

The strange creature of darkness saw where sora had ran to and it crawl towards the cave.

Sora looked around, it was dark but at least it was dry.

He went outside to get some firewood.


He sat inside the cave with a warm fire. Sora then sneezed.

"Bless you Sora." said a voice. Sora looked up to see his nobody, Roxas.

"Roxas." Sora said. Roxas was a see through ghost, but was visible to sora.

"I find it very weird that my friends left me." Sora said.

"Sora I'm sure they'll be back." Roxas said with a smile to cheer him up.

Sora looked at Roxas and smiled.




Said a strange voice.

Sora looked around the caves walls, he thought someone was calling his name.

"Sora?" Roxas asked.

Sora looked around trying to find the source of the voice. He didn't hear Roxas calling him.

Sora then looked at his nobody and shook his head. "sora, are you okay?" Roxas asked.

Sora nodded. "Y-yeah, I'm okay."

Roxas looked at him with a frown. "it looked through you were looking for something."

"I heard a voice." Sora said.

"A voice?" Roxas asked.

"Yeah, like someone was-calling my name." Sora explained looking up at the ceiling.

Roxas looked up. "Hey what's that?"

Sora looked at Roxas and walked towards him. Roxas looked closely at the cave wall.

"Roxas?" Sora asked. Roxas then scraped some of cave rocks that looked like they were chipped off.

Sora looked and saw strange cave paintings.

"What's this?" Sora asked.

Sora saw writings on the cave walls it was a scripture.

"Darkness will awaken and the dark blood will arise in the moon of light and darkness… the chosen will fear his might….for he is true power…and feared…"

"For he is mighty…the mighty one we will bow too…"the tainted one." Sora and Roxas read together.

"You think it could be Ansem?" Sora said.

"No, I it doesn't look like it." Roxas said.

Sora then gasped. "what?!"

Roxas looked at sora. "What's wrong?" he asked sora.

Sora read more. "The tainted one is to be feared and be named as the mighty Sora!"

Roxas looked deeper. "What! No that can't be right, your not tainted or evil."

Sora then saw more chipped cave words. "X?"

"Less?" "as in Heartless." sora said.

"X" for the members of Organization XIII." Roxas said.

"S. O. R. A. X. E. S. S." sora said.

"Soraxess." he read.

"Soraxess?" Roxas said. "A missing member?"

Sora then turned around to see the cave and saw the heavy rain fall hard.

He then saw a flash and a shape. "Riku?" Sora said and ran outside.


Sora then arrived outside and saw a shape rise up from the ground. "What? Heartless?!" Sora said and pulled out his keyblade.

The strange figure looked like Riku's shadow.

Sora saw its strange red eyes and had a mind flash. He looked around and saw the figure in Riku's stance and a black version of his keyblade.

Sora then leaped towards the figure and slashed his keyblade at it. The strange figure had became darkness mist.

Then the strange mist had became very oozy and thick. it sank towards the ground making the darkness spread around sora. Sora looked at the strange darkness ooze coming towards his direction.

He tried to run away but he tipped from a tree leg. He looked back to see the rushing black darkness cove towards him. He shot his key blade's light at the creature but it seem to do little effect.

Then all of a sudden the strange ooze flew towards sora. Sora had to gasp and felt the whole black ooze go down his throat. Sora had to swallow.

He swallowed the strange darkness and tried to catch his breath. He began to cough, not only did the strange darkness attacked him and made him swallow it hard, but he was very soaked in water.

He walked back towards the cave and when he entered. Roxas was in the same state he was in. Roxas was forced out of Sora's heart and was coughing.

Sora sat up to try and keep himself warm and dry by the fire.

He looked very pale the more he coughed and before you know it he was very sick looking.


Riku looked towards the islands and saw the heavy rains. The heavy rains were making it hard for him and Kairi to get to the island while he was on the raft.

"Damn, the waves are very rough!" Riku said.

"No!" Kairi said with a frown. "Sora's still out there!"

"We have to go back Kairi, the waves are too fierce we won't be able to get to Sora, until tomorrow morning."


Sora looked very weak, Roxas was starting to get pale. "Sora you don't look so good." Roxas said.

Sora looked up at Roxas. 'Y-you're not looking good yourself." He said. "What attacked us?" Roxas asked.

"I don't know." Sora said. Just then sora felt a horrible cramp inside his chest. He began to groan in pain before falling over to the side and drag himself outside as he felt like throwing up.

Roxas looked up to see Sora coming back. Sora then looked up at Roxas. "Roxas, come on, were going back home."

"Sora, we can't go, the weather's too wild."

"I don't care! Riku an Kairi should be coming!" Sora said with a little bit of anger and walked dragged himself outside. Roxas followed right behind sora.

Before they could reach the sea Sora fell forward coughing very hard. So hard that a tiny bit of blood escaped alongside the darkness ooze that had attacked him.

Roxas went back into sora. Sora then fell to his knees coughing.

He coughed all night.



Riku and Kairi were heading towards the islands.

"I feel rotten for leaving Sora in that disgusting weather all night!" Riku said.

Kairi pouted. "Sora's mother said that we should eat more! So don't blame me!"

"Hmph." Riku didn't seem to care.

They arrived at the shore and saw Sora on the floor.

"Sora!" they said and ran towards him.

Riku saw that sora was drenched in wet and cold clothes. "Sora!" he said shaking sora awake.

"Sora!" Kairi said shaking him too. Sora opened his eyes slowly.

"Riku… Kairi…" Sora said with a small smile and tried to get up but he ached.

"Sora! You look pale like a dusk!" Riku said. Sora looked shocked. "what?" he said. His voice sounded very sick and very sore.

"Come on, we need to get you home fast!" Kairi said. Sora then smiled. "Okay." he then coughed a big cough.

"Sora!" his friends said trying to see what's wrong with him.

Sora then coughed again until the same ooze and blood came out.

"Damnit!" Riku said and tried to rush sora to the raft.


Sora continued to cough until they arrived home.

Riku called out to Sora's mother. Sora's mother opened the door hearing Riku's voice and Kairi's.

Sora was brought inside, he fell to the floor hitting his head!

Sora's mother quickly took Sora up to his room and put him into dry clothes and put him into bed. Riku and Kairi were worried, they could hear Sora's Coughs become worse.

"Riku, please bring me a wet cold rag, Sora has a very fast fever.!" Sora's mother said. Riku nodded and ran up to sora's room with a wet rag.

Kairi walked into Sora's room and saw him breathing very hard.

Sora's coughs were starting to slow down. Riku saw that Sora's mom's apron was a bit dirty from Sora's strange ooze coughing fest.

"I'm sorry." Riku said looking down.

"Come on Riku, Sora needs his rest, I'll have a doctor check him." Sora's mother said.

Riku saw sora sleeping. He frowned seeing sora very sick.

Something was wrong with sora what was making him sick?

End of chapter 1-

A/N: wow what a way to write a rebuild version of this story! I love it! lol
a rebuild of my old fanfiction story! Soraxess's tale! but this one is a rebuild of the od one! ^^
please review and enjoy!


fanfiction story: Rebuild:

original soraxess's tale:


cover art: [link]

chapter 2:
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